It all startS IN DECEMBER 2020…

Martyn’s journey will begin from San Sebastian La Gomera (28oN 18oW), rowing solo some 3,000 nautical miles west to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua (17oN 61oW) - straight across the Atlantic Ocean (or as straight as he can row).

From the outset Martyn and the other teams will be on their own. Solar panels will provide the electricity to power his communications, GPS navigation and positioning beacons, whilst fresh water will be supplied by the essential ‘water maker’ providing water from sea water for drinking and rehydration of food supplies. 

Out on the Ocean Martyn and the other teams have to be completely self-sufficient as he single-handedly propels his 24ft ocean rowing boat towards Antigua. There will be no outside assistance as he faces a constant battle of fatigue, blisters, salt sores, sleep deprivation that the row will inflict from two-hour shifts around the clock for weeks, all the while facing the raw and unforgiving elements the Atlantic Ocean.

Organized by Atlantic Campaigns, The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is the world’s No.1 Ocean Endurance Race.

Since the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge started in 1997, the races across the Atlantic have attracted thrill seekers and endurance athletes alike who want to take on and beat the elements. Once the crews leave the safety of the La Gomera’s harbour, they’ll be on their own and unsupported on the vast Atlantic and at the mercy of the elements, until the race comes into its final stretch.

The world record to cross the Atlantic as a 'solo' is 31 days and the longest is over a 100 days, making it the world’s toughest rowing race. 

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