Team Atlantic Solo is just me, Martyn Thornton, a 60 something businessman and part time adventurer. 

Originally from Yorkshire, England, I now live with my wife and Jack Russell terrier in the Cotswolds. 

Adventure and the desire to test myself has always been in my blood – whether it’s physical challenges (marathons, cycling, walking), career challenges (setting up several companies), emotional challenges (battling depression, training as a performance coach), or skill challenges (learning the violin at 56), I always believe I’ll succeed. 

In 2017 I wilderness hiked solo from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail, enduring the worst snow conditions in 30 years, raging river crossings, wild fires and huge physical discomfort to average 20+ miles per day and complete the 2,667 miles in exactly 5 months!

More recently the desire to challenge myself through endurance events has morphed into a defiance of the conventions society likes to impose on my age group. I’ll be 62 when I row the Atlantic, aim to achieve a world record for a solo 60+ male and become a role model for the new ageless generation. 

I see myself as a conventional and ordinary man who just happens to believe that you can do whatever you really want to – you just have to believe you can,


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